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BEADS: Quality 10mm Aqua crystals with garnet Swarovski crystals from Austria. This is a large rosary with large beads and very large medals. This rosary is designed to be prayed with, and will also serve as sacred decor in your home. Makes an incredible gift for someone special.

CENTERPIECE: The medals are all hand cast in solid bronze. The centerpiece medal is a 3.5″ tall beautiful and elaborate large Our Lady of Guadalupe design that is very rare.

THE CRUCIFIX: The crucifix is an elaborate design measuring 3.5″ tall with skull and bones at the foot of Jesus, and Fleur-de-lys at each end of the cross representing the Holy Spirit and the perpetual purity of Our Blessed Mother Mary. This is an old 1800’s design from Spain.

EXTRA MEDALS: Attached to the cross are two 1″ tall saint medals depicting St. Rosalia and St. Theresa of Avila. The rectangular 1″ medal attached to the foot of the cross depicts the Chi Rho with the alpha and omega. The back of the medal details the miracles of Jesus Christ: The scepter, a fish, a jug of wine, and a sprout of wheat.

ANGEL WING: Each design comes with the trademark Seraphym 1″ tall angel wing.

ROSARY LENGTH: Seraphym Rosaries measure between 29-32″ in length making them longer than standard rosaries. The reason behind the extra length is due in part by the wire wrapping technique that coils shut at each end of each bead. This creates a sturdy chain of beads that do not fall apart. Another factor that adds to the length is the extra components, embellishments, and medals that are used for each design.

PACKAGING: Each rosary comes in its very own unique packaging including: A burlap Rosary pouch, a Seraphym how to pray the Rosary Guide, and an item description card describing the beads and origin of the medals.

OUR UNIQUE AND RARE MEDALS: The medals bring a unique aspect to all Seraphym items. They are solid bronze or sterling silver replicas that are hand cast designs created utilizing an ancient method known as lost wax casting. Most of the medals date between the 16th century to the 19th century.

HANDMADE HEIRLOOMS: Each Seraphym Heirloom Rosary is handmade and designed to last for generations. Each bead is wire-wrapped shut making it sturdy and durable for continued use. Seraphym rosaries were the first to feature over 250 embellishments with quality detail throughout each design.

REPAIR: If your Rosary gets into an accident (God Forbid!) we will fix it at no charge to you within one year of purchase not including shipping.

THE SERAPHYM BRAND OF HEIRLOOM DESIGNS: Seraphym Inc houses the first Heirloom Rosary & jewelry collection of its kind in the US and abroad. In 2015 Seraphym was commissioned to make a Rosary for Pope Francis during his visit to the US for the canonization of St. Junipero Serra.

The creator of the brand, Arasely Rios, grew up in a family that prayed the rosary every night, and she has been making rosaries since she was 8yrs old. Her love of this art has been a part of her daily life for over 40 yrs, and naturally her creations evolved into the first heirloom solid bronze and sterling silver rosaries and jewelry that reflect ancient aspects in design, construction and symbolism. For over 20 yrs now, these Rosaries have been loved by Catholics everywhere.

Each piece is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. Her philanthropic spirit helps charitable organizations through out the nation. When you purchase a sacred design by Seraphym you will own a unique, handmade heirloom that will bless and live within your family for generations.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


  1. David Raiford II

    I received this one the other day, and the quality and craftsmanship is stunning. Feels good when you hold it. It’s a very beautiful rosary. I’m very pleased with it.

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