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Perfectly balanced Biblical Oils (Frankincense), uplift the spirit to soothe emotional and spiritual pain (Myrrh), bring balance to the spirit; speed recovery from shock, trauma and depression (Galbanum), and help quiet feelings of anger (Myrtle).

Luxury Candle Kit comes with:

  • 14 ounce Prayer Candle (This is a large candle. Great size for the price!)

    • Height: 4.125”
    • Diameter: 3.75”
    • Wax weight: 14 oz.
    • Glass weight: 9.33 oz.
  • 15 ml Bottle Dropper with Biblical Essential Oils: Pour up to 5 drops of these fine biblical oils onto the candle and experience an enhanced and soothing scent. Add your personal intention(s) with each drop of these beautiful oils and enjoy the soothing, calming, and uplifting properties the oils emit throughout your home! A caring gift to yourself and those you love during times of reflection and personal prayer.
    • Height: 2.64″
    • Diameter: 0.79″
    • Oil weight: 0.5 fluid oz.
    • Glass weight: 0.63 oz.
  • Prayer Card with Biblical Oil Therapeutic Descriptions and Kit Directions  

Designer Mary Meyer created Cher Dieu in honor of her dear father’s faith-filled life. He embodied such a beautiful example of God’s love for her and all people, regardless of race, gender, religion, or social status. One of her fondest memories growing up is the two of them praying together and quietly finding calm in the midst of any struggle. After her father passed, Mary went through a very dark time of mourning. Depression set in such that ever praying was difficult for her.

Through God’s grace, Mary discovered biblical essential oils and their may healing benefits that have helped countless people for centuries. She found the oils calmed her and quieted her depression so much so that prayer became natural and comforting again. Mary realized that through the oils, God had brought her back to prayer – back to joy – back to Him again.

Mary created the Cher Dieu collection to celebrate, support and uplift other people’s most meaningful experiences in life through prayer and the biblical essential oils of God’s creation.

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