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“Prayer, this intangible yet quite palpable whisper comes from an untouchable core that’s situated somewhere deep inside…somewhere between your breath, your mind and your heart. It is found in a place almost beyond reach where small dosages of courage to believe in the world we live in are subconsciously stored. Prayer costs nothing yet delivers everything… generously, abundantly, and just at
the right time.

I am certain and without a doubt, that Prayer can stealthily subdue afflicted minds living in torment, abandoned hearts living in fear and resentment, lost souls and lost cities, the lonely and the sick. Prayer can be the catalyst that leads to peaceful beginnings…everyday. It is powerful enough to strengthen the most meek in spirit, and make warriors out of those lacking courage and bravery to do the right thing.  Prayer can annihilate fear, doubt and insecurity when we are most in need of our own God-given strength. Prayer is a guide that leads to gratitude and love.” – Arasely Rios

Pray the Rosary everyday!!

Arasely Rios

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