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Arasely & Seraphym Designs

Seraphym Designs Founder, Arasely Rios

How it all started

Arasely, at the young age of 8, gathered wire, string and odd pearl beads that she had found in the back yard, designed three rings and wore them to school the next day. That was the start of her beading career.  That very same year her parents left her in the care of a dear family friend named Paz who lived in Rose Hills, CA. for a few weeks while they traveled out of the country.  Paz was a kind and gentle lady who dedicated her evenings to hand making rope and plastic bead rosaries for the missionaries at her church. Paz asked Arasely if she wanted to learn how to make them.  Arasely immediately accepted, and they sat together every night during her stay.  Years later, Arasely’s mother taught her a new technique for making Rosaries utilizing beads and wire.  Arasely instantly fell in love with the art and began making Rosaries for her friends and family.

Seraphym Heirloom Rosaries & Jewelry Collection

Seraphym introduced the first heirloom bronze and silver rosary of its kind to the United States over 15 years ago. The Seraphym Heirloom Rosaries and  Heirloom Jewelry collection are now sold across the country and abroad. The components used to make each collection have biblical history and sacred qualities.

The Rosary For Pope Francis 2015

In 2015 Seraphym was commisioned to make a unique St. Serra rosary for Pope Francis. This unique design was given to him during his visit to the US for the canonization of St. Junipero Serra.

Seraphym Rosaries and Jewelry have a special sacred and angelic effect on the people who own them. Some say that they sleep better at night if they fall asleep with the Rosary in their hand.  Many say that their devotion to prayer has found renewal, and yet for others these designs serve as a simple and beautiful reminder to pray.  Perhaps, it has something to do with the brilliant and colorful beads, or the special wing charm that is attached to every piece, or maybe, in its simplest form, it is the act of believing in your own prayers and dedicating time for sacred contemplation that makes Seraphym Heirloom Rosaries and Jewelry so special.

The Angel Wing

“An Angel Wing Charm is attached to every Seraphym design to serve as a reminder for us to share our wings with those who have lost their own. In other words, we are not angels, but we can be of great help to those around us. Share a helping hand, pray for someone in need and be present. “Share your Wings…Everyday with Gratitude.” ~ Arasely

Arasely’s Inspiration

Arasely Rios, Founder and Creative Director of Seraphym Designs and Seraphym Jewelry utilizes only the best quality beads, components and metals. Each piece is handcrafted and uniquely designed for quality, longevity, and richness of color. She chooses color themes and metals that mimic the splendor of the earth, the strength of the divine and the sacred, and the boldness of the old world. She is also inspired to utilize the stones and medals that are described in the Bible itself. She then brings them all together with beads that capture the life giving qualities of light.

“I purposely gather components that mimic the magnificent qualities of all of God’s creations: the uncomplicated beauty of natural stones and minerals, the illuminating qualities of the sun, moon and stars. I am mesmerized by the strength, beauty and history of metals such as bronze, copper, silver and gold. Although I love them all, I simply cannot imagine our world without the strong and confident company of ‘mother-bronze.'”

What does Seraphym mean?

About 20 years ago while reading a book on Angels and Saints Arasely came upon a chapter that outlined the hierarchy of Angels from heaven. A Seraphim (or Seraph) are “angels of the highest rank in the traditional medieval hierarchy of nine categories of angels…they are deeply devoted to praising God.”

In the Book of Isaiah 6:2-4 the Seraphim are described as having six wings: “Above him were seraphs, each with six wings: With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they were flying.  And they were calling to one another: ‘Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.’  At the sound of their voices the door posts and thresholds shook and the temple was filled with smoke. Seraphs are angels that worship God continually.

She immediately fell in love with the sound of the name, and with the significant role that the Seraphim play in heaven. She adopted the name for her company as she believes that praying the Rosary is praising God moment-by-moment and bead-by-bead.

“He will cover you with his Feathers, And under His Wings you will find refuge” – Psalm 91:4


“Prayer, this intangible yet quite palpable whisper comes from an untouchable core that’s situated somewhere deep inside…somewhere between your breath, your mind and your heart. It is found in a place almost beyond reach where small dosages of courage to believe in the world we live in are subconsciously stored. Prayer costs nothing yet delivers everything… generously, abundantly, and just at
the right time.”

“I am certain and without a doubt, that Prayer can stealthily subdue afflicted minds living in torment, abandoned hearts living in fear and resentment, lost souls and lost cities, the lonely and the sick. Prayer can be the catalyst that leads to peaceful beginnings…everyday. It is powerful enough to strengthen the most meek in spirit, and make warriors out of those lacking courage and bravery to do the right thing.  Prayer can annihilate fear, doubt and insecurity when we are most in need of our own God-given strength. Prayer is a guide that leads to gratitude and love.”

Dear God, I would like to ask in advance for the opportunity to interview for the position of “Seraphim”, when my time comes.  I know that I am far from qualifying for the position, yet, I will continue to work on and add to my life’s experiences & contributions.

Arasely Rios